Whirr, the best alternative to Formstack

Looking for a good alternative to Formstack? Here, we'll weigh the differences between Formstack and Whirr so you can make an informed decision. We'll compare features, pricing, customer support, UX, and more.

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Whirr vs. Formstack


Whirr is built for anyone — regardless of experience — to build well-designed and user-friendly customer experiences like forms, surveys, onboarding flows and more.


Formstack is built to collect information with a no-code, drag-and-drop form and workflow builder.


Free plan
Paid plan
Per user pricing
Unlock all features


Free, forever
Only pay for what you need
Unlock every feature when you upgrade
15 GB included


14 day limited trial only
Starting at $50/month, then $191/month for eSignatures
Add $20/month per user on top of base pricing
Still have to pay for additional add-ons
10 GB included


With a generous free plan, and an affordable paid plan Whirr is a good option whether you're just looking to give it a try, get a few leads or responses, or run your business with it.


Formstack doesn’t have a free plan, but they do have a limited 14 day trial to try out their platform. Once your trial is over, you won't be able to access the forms you made or even your submissions without paying to upgrade. Your forms also won't be live anymore so your users won't be able to view them.

Usage and limits

Additional user pricing
Custom themes
Real-time collaboration
Meta/social share settings

Whirr Pro

1 user
$16/mo per add. user
Unlimited forms
Unlimited responses
15 GB of storage included
Custom themes
Real-time collaboration
SEO/social share settings

Formstack Forms

Starting at $50/mo
1 user
Starting at $20/mo per additional user
Up to 20 forms
1,000 submissions per form
10 GB of storage included
Custom themes
Real-time collaboration
SEO/social share settings

Formstack Suite

Starting at $191/mo
3 users
Starting at $20/mo per additional user
Up to 25 forms
2,000 submissions per form
10 GB of storage included
Custom themes
Real-time collaboration
SEO/social share settings

As you can see in the comparison table above, Whirr offers higher usage limits at a more affordable price compared to the Formstack Suite plan. Saving you $2,100 in just a year. That's over 400 cups of coffee from your favorite coffee shop. That's more than a year of coffee — including a tip. If you're more of a a foodie like me, that's more than 130 meals.

User experience (UX) and design

User experience and design are often overlooked when comparing form builders, but you and your users won't overlook it.

Your users expect the same level of quality with forms, surveys, and onboarding as they do everywhere else. A form that isn't user-friendly, is unappealing, or doesn't match your brand can lead to a decrease in trust, submissions, and even lost revenue. Let's compare the design of both Formstack and Whirr.

The builder


Whirr has a straightforward design that anyone can use. In Whirr it's easy to add new fields, content, and views in a Notion-like doc-style editor. This means that all you need to do is simply type to add new content. Whirr's simple UX makes it easy to adopt, without getting overwhelmed with options. Then when you're ready to further customize your project there are settings available in dedicated menus. Simply, when you need something it's there; when you don't, it's tucked away neatly.


Formstack's drag-and-drop editor and multiple tabs can look overwhelming. Rather than a streamlined view, Formstack lays out all of your options in front of you. This can be helpful once you've gotten a hang of using it, but can lead to a steeper learning curve.

Time to create

Another important metric that most comparisons overlook is how fast and easy it is to build what you need. Most people don’t want to sign up for, or worse, pay for an app that’s going to take more time out of their day.

To put each to the test we created a simple contact form in both Whirr and Formstack. We sped up the recordings 2x for both, too.



2.6x faster

To create and publish a contact form from scratch it took us 23 seconds in Whirr.


1 min.

To do the same in Formstack it took us 1 minute. That's 2.6x longer by comparison.

This time adds up, especially when you start customizing your project or building larger experiences.

Customer support

24/7 support
Support center
Expert community
Request new features


Available via email and the support center
Easy-to-read guides and tips
Chat directly with the founders and experts
Anyone can request and vote on new features


Weekdays only from 7AM - 7PM EST
A large amount of help articles
Fill out a form for support
Fill out a form to request a feature


All in all, both Formstack and Whirr are great options for anyone looking to build online forms.

Choose Whirr if...

  • You want to save money, as there's a generous free plan and affordable paid plan ($16/mo)
  • You want a user-friendly interface that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. This can be beneficial for anyone who prefer a straightforward setup without a steep learning curve.
  • You're looking for more file storage.

Choose Formstack if...

  • A higher price point isn't a huge factor for you.
  • You're looking for more advanced features like conditional logic. However, know that some advanced features come with an additional price tag.

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