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GDPR and privacy update

Your privacy is important, so we updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to more clearly outline where your data is stored, what we collect, why, and more.

In addition, we published a guide to GDPR compliance for your online forms. In regions like the EU and UK, ensuring that your forms comply with GDPR is crucial for protecting the data rights of your users. This guide can help you understand the requirements and best practices for creating GDPR-compliant forms.

Easier in-app templates and changelog access (+ bug fixes)

This week we added access to our template library directly into the app. Check it out on the templates page to get started on your new projects — even faster.

In-app templates tab

We didn't stop there. Now you can stay up to date with these changes without leaving the app. See these changelog posts in the in-app help center located at the bottom right of Whirr.

Added changelogs and modals to the in-app help center

You might even be reading this post inside of Whirr 👀

Bug fixes

While we were shipping, we were also squishing bugs that some users reported.

  • Fixed block edit menus not always appearing when clicking the drag handle
  • Fixed a font loading issue for published projects on mobile devices
  • and more improvements

Get started, with templates

Now you can save yourself even more time by building your forms based on one of our free award-winning designer's templates.

Also, new users find themselves with even more guidance with our new empty state guide. In every new project you will now see a simple summary of how to use our doc-style form builder. So now out of the gate you know how Whirr lets you create beautiful forms in the same way you write.

For anyone who gets frozen by a blank canvas, no need to worry because the "Start with a free template" button is there to save the day.

New empty state guide design, featuring a "Start with a free template" button

On top of templates, the new empty state guide, and other visual changes we've also published a Report Abuse form to proactively combat potential misuse.

And of course, squished some bugs.

Self email notifications and new support channels

Self email notifications

Thanks to a request from a Whirr user. we recently added support for self email notifications.

You can toggle it on in a project's settings, under General.

New ways to get support

In addition to self-email notifications we also added new support channels.

  • Created a Discord community. Join to chat with the Whirr founders and other users, read the latest product announcements, and share tips.
  • Published Changelog
  • Created a contact form where you can provide product feedback, get support, and report bugs
  • Added all of the above into our new in-product help center, which you can find at the bottom right of the Whirr app.

Made a changelog

Hello Whirrld

Welcome to the first Whirr changelog! Our changelog page is where we'll chronicle the improvements we make. This is all a part of our focus on transparency. We aim to build a platform that evolves with your needs.


  • Added a changelog to the site: You can now stay up-to-date with all the exciting updates and improvements happening on Whirr.
  • Wrote and posted it as a change: We've written and published this changelog to keep you informed about the progress we're making.


  • Removed not having a changelog: We've taken a step forward in our commitment to transparency by eliminating the absence of a changelog.