Improve your Chrome extension's user retention with our streamlined uninstall feedback survey template. This concise, user-friendly questionnaire helps you gather essential insights from users who've removed your extension, allowing you to:

  • Understand key reasons for uninstallation
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Collect specific user feedback

Our template features a focused set of options covering common uninstall reasons:

  • No longer needed
  • Browser performance issues
  • Competition analysis
  • Functionality problems
  • Technical difficulties
  • Usability challenges
  • Missing features
  • Custom feedback option

The survey concludes with a prompt for accidental uninstalls, potentially recovering users immediately.

Perfect for:

  • Chrome extension developers
  • Product managers
  • UX designers
  • Customer insight teams

Easy to implement and customize with your brand or logo, this template helps you make data-driven decisions to improve your extension and reduce user churn. Start gathering valuable feedback today!


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Uninstall Survey for Chrome Extension Template FAQs

How do I set up an uninstall Survey for my Chrome extension?

Setting up an uninstall survey for your Chrome extension is a valuable way to gather user feedback and improve your product. This process involves creating a survey, hosting it online, and modifying your extension to direct users to the survey upon uninstallation. Follow these steps to learn how to implement an uninstall survey for your Chrome extension:

  1. Create your survey using our free Chrome extension uninstall survey template
  2. Host the survey:
    • Hosting is easy in Whirr, and just takes a single click of the Publish button
    • Once published, simply copy the project's URL
  3. Modify your extension's code
    • Set UninstallURL using the following code
    • chrome.runtime.setUninstallURL(
       url: string,
       callback?: function,
  4. Update your extension
    • Upload the new version to the Chrome Web Store
    • Wait for approval and distribution
  5. Test the survey:
    • Install your updated extension
    • Uninstall it to ensure the survey appears
  6. Monitor and analyze:
    • Regularly check survey responses
    • Use insights to improve your extension

Remember: Keep your survey short and respect user privacy. Don't collect personal information unless necessary and clearly stated.

For more info, see the Chrome developer docs

Why should I use an uninstall survey for my Chrome extension?

Using an uninstall survey for your Chrome extension is crucial for several reasons:

  • User insights: Gain direct feedback from users about why they're leaving, providing valuable insights into your extension's weaknesses.
  • Identify issues: Uncover potential bugs, performance problems, or usability issues that might not be apparent through other feedback channels.
  • Competitive intelligence: Learn if users are switching to competing extensions and why.
  • Feature prioritization: Understand which missing features are most important to users, helping you prioritize future development.
  • Improve retention: Use the feedback to make targeted improvements that can reduce future uninstalls.
  • Re-engagement opportunities: Identify users who uninstalled by mistake or due to solvable issues, potentially recovering lost users.
  • Quantitative data: Collect statistics on the most common reasons for uninstalls, allowing for data-driven decision making.
  • User experience enhancement: Gain insights into how users interact with your extension, informing UX improvements.
  • Product roadmap guidance: Use feedback to shape your extension's future direction and feature set.
  • Customer service: Show users you value their opinion, even as they leave, potentially improving brand perception.

By implementing an uninstall survey, you create a feedback loop that can significantly enhance your extension's quality, user satisfaction, and overall success in the Chrome Web Store.

What are the best questions to ask in a Chrome extension uninstall survey?

While comprehensive surveys can provide detailed insights, we've found that users are significantly more likely to complete a single-question form. Our free template focuses on the most crucial question:

"Why did you uninstall our extension?"

This question, with carefully selected multiple-choice options, often provides the most actionable insights with minimal user effort.

This streamlined approach maximizes response rates while still capturing vital information.

If you choose to expand and customize the free survey template, consider adding these optional questions:

  1. Duration of use before uninstalling
  2. Overall satisfaction rating
  3. Features they found most/least useful
  4. Improvements that might lead to reinstallation
  5. Open-ended feedback

Remember, while these additional questions can provide more context, they may reduce completion rates. Our template's focused approach ensures you gather critical feedback efficiently, helping you improve your Chrome extension without overwhelming users.

How can I increase the response rate for my Chrome extension's uninstall survey?

To boost your Chrome extension's uninstall survey response rate:

  1. Keep it short: Our one-question template maximizes completion rates.
  2. Timing is key: Present the survey immediately after uninstallation.
  3. Clear messaging: Explain the survey's purpose and how it helps improve the extension.
  4. Mobile-friendly design: Ensure the survey works well on all devices. If you're using Whirr, your projects are automatically mobile responsive.
  5. Offer incentives: Consider providing a small reward for completion.
  6. Use clear, concise language: Avoid jargon and complex terms.
  7. Personalize: Address users by name if possible. For example, using variables in Whirr you can personalize the survey to address the user by name. Personalization has been proven to improve a user's experience.
  8. Optimize for speed: Ensure the survey loads quickly.
  9. Follow up: Send a reminder email if users don't complete the survey initially.

Remember, higher response rates lead to more accurate data, helping you make informed decisions to improve your Chrome extension's user experience and retention.

How can I use uninstall survey data to improve my Chrome extension?

Leveraging uninstall survey data to enhance your Chrome extension:

  1. Identify patterns: Look for common reasons users uninstall your extension.
  2. Prioritize issues: Focus on frequently mentioned problems first.
  3. Feature development: Use feedback to guide new feature creation.
  4. UX improvements: Address usability concerns highlighted in responses.
  5. Performance optimization: If users mention slowdowns, focus on speed enhancements.
  6. Competitor analysis: Learn from users who switched to alternatives.
  7. Marketing adjustments: Refine your extension's description based on misconceptions.
  8. User segmentation: Analyze feedback from different user groups.
  9. Roadmap planning: Align your development roadmap with user needs.
  10. Bug fixes: Quickly address any technical issues users report.
  11. Re-engagement strategies: Develop targeted campaigns to win back users.

By systematically analyzing and acting on uninstall survey data, you can continuously improve your Chrome extension, boost user satisfaction, and increase retention rates in the competitive browser extension market.

Uninstall Survey for Chrome Extension Template


Improve your Chrome extension with our concise uninstall survey template. Gather key user feedback, identify improvement areas, and boost retention. Easy to customize and implement.

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